Witness Statements

Witness Statements

We prepare full and detailed quantum and liability witness statements.

Free up Fee Earners and Improve Outcomes

As specialists, we consistently produce strong witness statements that give fee earners the confidence to take a case through to a disposal hearing. There's no need for your fee earners to be spending unproductive hours trying to track down witnesses, extract the right information, and sort out paperwork.

Specialist Skills

It takes experience to spot the details that matter - and it's not always easy to persuade people to open up. That's why we make sure our staff have both legal expertise AND excellent questioning and listening skills.

Rather than employing cheaper but inexperienced school leavers, we only recruit law graduates and people who have a proven record in the field. As a result, you can be confident that we will get good results for you from even the most reluctant witnesses.

When you instruct LAS to take your witness statements you will get:

  • Thorough, detailed statements taken by experienced staff.
  • Perseverance. Sometimes, even making contact with the witness can take up hours of your time. We'll just keep calling until we get through. We've even been known to go to a witness's house, if that's what it takes.
  • Your deadlines met. 5 days is a typical turnaround time - but when you want a statement done faster, we'll do it.
  • One off jobs to clear a back log in the event of illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

Our witness statement takers dictate their notes for typing, then check the typed version thoroughly before sending it out to you. We keep original notes of every phone call in case of queries. Our statements comply with the Civil Procedure Rules. To save time they are emailed directly to the fee earner.

Paper piles
Clear the Backlog and Stay

If you've got a backlog of cases to clear, talk to us now. We have the resources to get through peak workloads quickly and effectively, so you can focus on fee earner priorities without worrying about getting behind with witness statement drafting.


Polish Statements

Our team includes a Polish-speaking qualified solicitor, who can take statements in Polish and provide an English translation.